Talk: Hari Saini (Lokker)


  • Hari Saini

Organisation: CPDP

Room: Side Events (Gather)

Timing: 15:00 - 16:00 on 29 January 2021

Open Studio Talk in Breakoutroom 2 on GatherTown:

Solving the 3rd-Party App Problem

The client-side environment is dynamic and changing by the minute. Staying on top of the internet's least protected attack surface with privacy standards in place is more challenging than ever. In this session Hari Saini, GM for Lokker Europe, illustrates the complexities website operators face in trying to manage the data access and use permissions with integrated 3rd-Party applications. But he offers hope - in the form of new technology designed to give website operators complete control over their data.


Hari Saini

Lokker Europe