Round Table: sava saheli singh, Josh Lyon and Farhad Pakdel


  • sava saheli singh
  • Josh Lyon
  • Farhad Pakdel

Organisation: CPDP

Room: Side Events (Gather)

Timing: 15:30 - 16:15 on 29 January 2021

Round Table in the Auditorium on GatherTown


sava saheli singh

University of Ottawa

sava saheli singh is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, currently working on a research project that examines the effects and use of learning technologies on teachers’ practice, especially during this time of COVID-19. In her previous postdoctoral fellowship at Queen’s University, she co-produced a series of near future fiction short films, called Screening Surveillance, that call attention to the human consequences of big data surveillance. She is also working on a fourth film in the Screening Surveillance series. Her research interests include educational surveillance; digital labour and surveillance capitalism; and critically examining the effects of technology and techno-utopianism on society.

Josh Lyon

Josh Lyon (AKAFLK Productions) is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, animator & filmmaker based in Kingston, Ontario who has created short films, documentaries, music videos, projected installations, puppetry, and large-scale multi-arts events.

Farhad Pakdel

Farhad Pakdel is a filmmaker based in Montreal. He holds an MFA in film production from York University in Toronto and an MA in cinema from the University of Art in Tehran. He has directed, written, and produced fiction, documentary, and alternative films, which have been exhibited at festivals and venues around the world. His films explore human condition, memory, loss, posthumanism, body, and architecture. Farhad is a member of Iran’s National Elites Foundation by virtue of his academic excellence. He has taught film courses, English language, and the history of philosophy.