Round Table: Jan Ellerman (Eden/Europol), Emmanuel van der Auwera, Rik Ferguson & Marijn Bril


  • Jan Ellermann
  • Emmanuel van der Auwera
  • Rik Ferguson
  • Marijn Bril

Organisation: CPDP

Room: Side Events (Gather)

Timing: 13:00 - 14:15 on 29 January 2021

Round Table in the Art Bar on GatherTown


Jan Ellermann

Europol (EU)

Jan Ellermann works as Senior Specialist in Europol's Data Protection Function and provides operational data protection related guidance across the organisation. He holds a doctoral degree in law and has published various articles on data protection and information security related topics. Jan is a certified data protection auditor and has obtained a Master of Science degree in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation at the University College in Dublin (UCD). Jan is passionate about data protection and one of the initiators of the Europol Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN), an online collaboration platform which has been developed with the aim to involve stakeholders from various backgrounds in order to increase both, freedom and security.

Emmanuel van der Auwera


Emmanuel Van der Auwera (b. 1982, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Through filmmaking, video sculpture, theater, printmaking, and other media, Van der Auwera sets up encounters with images that provoke a questioning of our visual literacy: How do images of contemporary mass media operate on various publics and to what end? The artist dissects how images are engineered, mastering specialized industry techniques and intervening on their protocol. In so doing, Van der Auwera brings us no closer to a monolithic truth, but constructs new paradigms for reading images and understanding our relationships with them.

Rik Ferguson

Trend Micro

Researcher, futurist, writer, filmmaker and presenter Rik Ferguson is the Vice President of Security Research at Trend Micro. Rik’s research into the murky world of cybercrime and the cloudy future of technology sees him advise law enforcement, governments and large enterprises alike. In addition to his role at Trend Micro, Rik is also a Special Advisor to Europol’s European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3). In April 2011 Rik was inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame. As a futures thinker, Rik researches the wider implications of potential new technological developments and their impact on security, both in the enterprise and for society as a whole. With over twenty-five years’ experience in information security, Rik is internationally renowned for his eye-opening and informative presentations.

Marijn Bril


Marijn Bril is a Rotterdam-based media designer, researcher, and curator. With an interest in digital culture in all its complexity and foolishness, she explores topics ranging from networked images, technological mediation, to digital metaphors. She reflects upon these predominantly through writing, video, and curation. Marijn graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Media & Culture and studied Media Studies at Maastricht University. Her work has been presented at Dutch Design Week, the Wrong Biennale, 60 Seconds Festival, PloktaTV, and her writing published at Institute of Network Cultures. For CIVA Festival she recently curated the online programme ‘When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air’, reflecting on increasingly digitally mediated nature.