Personal data protection in Africa and in the Middle East: State of play, challenges and horizon


  • Sophie Kwasny


  • Marguerite Ouedraogo Bonane
  • Omar Seghrouchni
  • Sami Mohammed
  • Moctar Yedaly
  • Teki Akuetteh Falconer

Organisation: CPDP

Room: Online 2

Timing: 16:00 - 17:15 on 27 January 2021

More and more countries in Africa and in the Middle East adopted legal frameworks for the protection of personal information. Others are following their steps or are amending their legislations. This session will present an overview of the current state of play in the region, the opportunities to accompany many important data-driven projects and the challenges that may hinder proper enforcement of the law, especially during the current pandemic. The panel will also explore trends that may shape future legal frameworks in the region and identify pros & cons of adopting harmonized legal instrument, such as Malabo convention, Convention 108+ or a future regional GDPR-like regulation.

• State of play and trends of personal data protection legal frameworks in Africa and in the Middle East.
• Most important data-driven projects in the regions that require proper personal data protection legislation.
• Challenges that may hinder proper enforcement in the region, especially during the current pandemic.
• Pros and Cons of regional legal instrument.


Sophie Kwasny

Council of Europe (INT)

Sophie Kwasny is the Head of the Data Protection Unit of the Council of Europe and is responsible for standard-setting (notably the long awaited modernisation exercise of Convention 108) and policy on data protection and privacy. She is a graduate of the Strasbourg Law University and has been working for the Council of Europe for 20 years on a variety of topics ranging from prisons’ reforms to medical insurance, or from the independence of the judiciary to nationality law.


Marguerite Ouedraogo Bonane

CIL Burkina Fasso (BF)

Mme Marguerite OUEDRAOGO BONANE, Présidente de la Commission de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CIL) du Burkina Faso, Vice-Présidente de l’Association Francophone des Autorités de Protection des Données Personnelles (AFAPDP), Vice-présidente du Réseau africain des autorités de protection des données personnelles (RAPDP). Juriste, Diplômée d’Etudes Supérieures en Gestion des Entreprises et Diplômée du B.A.D.G.E. en Régulation des Télécommunications, Master en cours sur la Régulation et l’économie du numérique. Plus d’une vingtaine d’années d’expérience professionnelle, dans les secteurs privé et public. Assez bonne connaissance du cadre juridique et institutionnel de la protection des données personnelles et celui des communications électroniques et des postes au Burkina Faso. Chevalier de l’ordre national du Burkina Faso.

Omar Seghrouchni

Chair of the Moroccan DPA (MA)

Sami Mohammed

Abu Dhabi Global Market (AE)

Sami Mohammed is currently the Acting Director- Office of Data Protection at Registration Authority. He is responsible for leading the Office of Data Protection by administering the Data Protection Regulations on ADGM Jurisdiction.
Sami has over 18 years working experiences in public and private sectors in the United Arab Emirates. Such as financial services, commercial regulation, data protection, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism funding, across various roles including licensing, supervision, enforcement and policy. Sami holds an MBA (General Management) from Canadian University of Dubai.

Moctar Yedaly

African Union Commission (ET)

Teki Akuetteh Falconer

Africa Digital Rights Hub (GH)