Global Youth Privacy: Amplifying Youth Needs & Voices


  • Jasmine Park


  • Kim Noble
  • Meghan and Mickey
  • Amelia Vance
  • Sonia Livingstone

Organisation: Privacy Salon

Room: Online 3

Timing: 10:30 - 11:45 on 27 January 2021

Youth encounter both risks and opportunities online. In a rapidly evolving digital environment, efforts to defend youth privacy must delicately balance protecting and empowering youth online while allowing them to gradually develop resilience. This panel seeks to convene global youth, technology, and privacy experts to discuss existing and emerging global child privacy protection policies and strategies, key considerations for the public and private sectors, and the need to amplify youth voices in informing and shaping these policies.

• Why do youth warrant special privacy protections?
• How do youth feel about their privacy and what are their self-expressed needs and desires? How can youth voices be amplified in shaping youth privacy protections?
• How is youth privacy being protected globally? (Which ages should receive greater privacy protections, and should the parent or youth "own" those privacy rights? Should consent-based or rights-based legislation protection youth? Should youth privacy protections be included in comprehensive consumer privacy frameworks or are additional youth privacy policies necessary?)
• What youth privacy resources are available for youth, their families, and institutions working on their behalf?


Jasmine Park


Jasmine Park is a Policy Fellow for Youth and Education Privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF). She drives FPF’s global youth privacy portfolio. Jasmine is particularly interested in issues of digital equity and mitigating the potential disparate impact of new technologies and policies on vulnerable populations. She is also passionate about ensuring youth voices are represented in informing the decisions that govern their use of technology. Jasmine received her B.A. in History and East Asian Studies from Harvard and her M.A. in Global Affairs from Yale, where she focused on digital anthropology and data governance. She was recently elected to serve as a Governing Board Member for Torrance Unified School District in California.


Kim Noble

Artist, Comedian & co-creator of the WildLife FM theatre project (UK)

Meghan and Mickey

Young actors from the WildLife FM theatre project (UK)

Amelia Vance

Future of Privacy Forum (US)

Sonia Livingstone

London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)

Sonia Livingstone DPhil (Oxon), FBA, FBPS, FAcSS, FRSA, OBE is a professor in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has published 20 books including “The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age.” She directs the projects “Children’s Data and Privacy Online,” “Global Kids Online” (with UNICEF) and “Parenting for a Digital Future”, and she is Deputy Director of the UKRI-funded “Nurture Network.” Since founding the 33 country_EU Kids Online network, Sonia has advised the UK government, European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe, OECD and UNICEF. See