Round Table: Avi Mograbi, David Labi and Giuseppe Porcaro


  • Avi Mograbi
  • David Labi
  • Giuseppe Porcaro

Organisation: CPDP

Room: Side Events (Gather)

Timing: 13:00 - 14:15 on 27 January 2021

Round Table in the Cinema on GatherTown


Avi Mograbi

Filmmaker and artist born in 1956, lives in Tel Aviv. Filmography: Between Fences (2016), Once I entered a garden (2012), Z32 (2008), Avenge but one of my two eyes (2005), August (2002), Happy Birthday Mr. Mograbi (1999), How I learned to overcome my fear and love Arik Sharon (1997), The Reconstruction (1994).

David Labi

Good Point

David Labi founded Good Point as an ethical agency to help good causes increase their impact through storytelling. Storytelling has run in his career through sectors like publishing, marketing, TV and film, to his current work as ethical storyteller, writer, and producer. David is a Londoner who's lived in Israel, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Berlin, and now Brussels. He works cross-culture to address division in society, and build empathy through creativity and art.

Giuseppe Porcaro


Giuseppe Porcaro is Head of Outreach and Governance at the globally renowned economic think tank Bruegel. He has a Ph.D. in Geography of Development, was Secretary-General of the European Youth Forum and has worked at the World Bank in Kosovo and Paris, as well as at the European Office of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Passionate about how technology affects our politics, he's also a podcast host and science-fiction author.