AI Regulation in Europe & Fundamental Rights


  • Merve Hickok


  • Peggy Valcke
  • Friederike Reinhold
  • Oreste Pollicino
  • Alexandra Geese

Organisation: AI Ethicist

Room: Online 1

Timing: 14:15 - 15:30 on 29 January 2021

If we are building AI for the future we envision, AI applications must serve humanity and respect fundamental rights. Intergovernmental institutions and supra-national entities which have published their AI principles in the last couple of years are now facing the challenge of how to regulate the use and effects of AI applications. The biggest risks and impact on rights are considered to be in health, education, security, defense and public services. In a global landscape where Europe is positioning itself for AI governance leadership and setting the standards in AI for protection of fundamental rights, the panelists will discuss the impact they strive for and the challenges associated.

• How does the work of Council of Europe (CAHAI - Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence), European Commission (AI HLEG - High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence), complement other AI policy initiatives under OECD, G20 & UNESCO? Are all these initiatives aligned with each other in terms of AI regulation and priorities?
• How has the experience of COVID-19 changed the perspective, approach and priorities for regulation of AI?
• Is global regulation of high-risk AI applications a possibility in the face of AI race and national strategies?
• The public sector encapsulates most of the high-risk areas for AI and its impact on fundamental rights. What are the biggest challenges regulating the use of AI by the public sector?


Merve Hickok (US)


Peggy Valcke

Council of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) (INT)

Friederike Reinhold

AlgorithmWatch (DE)

As a Senior Policy Advisor Friederike Reinhold is responsible for advancing AlgorithmWatch’s policy and advocacy efforts. Prior to joining AlgorithmWatch, Friederike worked as a Humanitarian Policy Advisor at the German Federal Foreign Office, with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Iran, with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Afghanistan, and at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Oreste Pollicino

OECD Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (IT)

Born in Messina. Graduated in law at Messina University. LL.M at College of Europe in Bruges. Full Professor of Constitutional Law. Member of the Executive Board, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna. Member of the European Commission Sounding Board of the Multistakeholder in the fight against online disinformation. Participant to the Conseil of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI). Italian member of the OECD Global Partneship on Artificial Intelligence. Admitted as a Barrister of Supreme Italian Courts. His last Book " A road Towards Digital Constitutionalism?" is forthcoming with Hart Publishing.

Alexandra Geese


Member of the European Parliament for Germany, Greens/EFA since 2019. Passionate about participation, digital policy and gender equality.