Frank Schuermans

Organisation: Supervisory Body for Police Information (BE)

Frank Schuermans (°23.01.1964) has a Master of in Law from the University of Ghent in Belgium (1991).
He is currently a full time member/director of the Belgian Supervisory Body for Police Information (Data Protection Authority for police and certain law enforcement matters). He was also a member of the Belgian Data Protection Authority between 2004 and 2019 and is an attorney-general (senior deputy prosecutor-general) at the Ghent (Belgium) Court of Appeal.
He is also a teaching assistant and researcher at the Law Faculty, ‘Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy’ (IRCP) and the Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Research Platform on ‘Privacy, Information Exchange, Law Enforcement & Surveillance’ (PIXLES) of the Ghent University. He published over more than 200 articles and a few books on police matters, data protection law and criminal (procedure) and police law.