Els Kindt

Organisation: KU Leuven - CiTiP (BE), Universiteit Leiden - eLaw (NL) and EAB (European Association for Biometrics)

Els J. Kindt is a senior legal researcher and associate professor with respectively the Centre for IT and IP Law (CiTiP) of KU Leuven and eLaw of Universiteit Leiden and is recognized as a specialist on legal aspects of biometric technologies. She published with Springer a monograph on legal privacy and data protection issues of biometric applications, and various articles and book chapters on the topic. She gained her expertise by close collaboration with engineers and technical experts and policy makers in several European and national research projects. Since 2012, she teaches European Privacy and Data Protection law in the Manama IP and ICT law of the KU Leuven in Brussels. She is also an attorney at the Brussels Bar, Belgium.